Gardner Denver PZH (PZ-8)

Gardner Denver PZ-8 powered by C18 CAT with charge pump

Our standard Gardner Denver drilling pump packages includes: new triplex pump powered by customer’s choice of diesel engine and transmission or electric motors and equipped a new Elliott Equipment force lubricated chain reduction box sized according to horse power requirements or belts and pulleys. All Pumps are charged by a new Centrifugal pump via belts and pulleys and equipped with a rod washing system for pistons and liners.

Other options include: choke manifold systems, engine canopies, digital flow meters, auxiliary oil systems for low speed operation and hydraulic power beyond systems for auxiliary equipment operations such as shale shakers and catwalks. All Elliott Equipment pump packages are unitized on a new three runner oilfield type skid with all necessary guards , bump bar, loading hitches, mud gauge, pressure relief valve and fuel reservoir sized to customer’s needs. All equipment is painted one color, customer’s choice.

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